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National ICT Innovation & Integration Centre (NI3C)

The National ICT Innovation and Integration Centre (NI3C) supported by the VVOB Kenya ICT Integration in Education programme was officially launched on the 10th August 2011 in a colourful ceremony officiated by the then Minister of Education, Prof. Dr. Sam Ongeri. Speaking during the launch, the Minister reiterated the usefulness of the centre as ‘it will not only provide education and training but it is also an innovative centre with the capacity to address technological gaps in education’.

Professor Ongeri acknowledged the importance of ICT in education terming it as a ‘language’ that can be used to teach various subjects in the classroom. He specifically cited examples of successful use of ICT in the classroom in countries such as Rwanda, Malaysia and Singapore.

National ICT Innovation & Integration Centre (NI3C)

ICT Emerging Technologies integration in Education

There are great advances in the development of educational technologies that encourage exploration and bring about new opportunities in teaching and learning.

Research & Development on ICT Integration in Education

The center is mandated to evaluate various solutions and technologies in Education to determine their suitability on delivery of curriculum objectives, and compatibility

Research Areas on ICT integration

The center shall be undertaking research on key areas on ICT integration in Education categorized into four areas as envisaged in the Holistic Model (4-in-1 balance)

Calls for ICT Innovations on Education

The innovation team shall participate at regional and national Kenya Schools Engineering and Science Fair to identify innovations that are viable for incubation.

Tested and Approved ICT Solution for Education

The many tools and resources and internet based instruction provide a wide spectrum from which to identify the technology to use from

Incubated ICT Innovations on Education

The center has not received any ICT integration innovations for incubation at the moment. However once an idea has been identified and evaluated, the next stage will be incubation.